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Refilling is Recycling

Next time you have a moment to think about others, or about anything other than yourself, remember that too many people in the world lack clean water….DRINKING WATER. Consider using containers and refilling them with our precious natural resource rather than buying a plastic container. Take it along, carry it with you, drink it…. Refilling is Recycling. Recycling is good.

at Mile High Music Fest in Colorado

A great alternative to buying water is refilling containers.


Against Angst

As much as I try not to be overwhelmed by the stuff happening in the world, our neighborhood and surroundings, I can’t help it. I don’t read the news, typically, but sometimes for research purposes I run into it. The news kills me. It’s mostly bad, and that bad hurts.
I cannot bare anymore mothers committing atrocities; and I don’t want to judge them although I hate them.
I can’t stand the war against mother nature, a war that may not be intentional, however it’s present, very palpable now.
I feel bad for celebrities being attacked by paparazzi, maybe because I love the independence and the notion of not being harassed by a lens; I can’t imagine someone spying on me 24/7, so that others can judge my actions. I like Mel Gibson, no matter what comes out of his mouth. We all have moments we regret, the thing is nobody knows.
As for my personal life, I’m okay. A little inundated with so much technology taking ahold of my time; but I can’t complain….I have health.
So, I just needed to vent. I apologize if my venting charged you up and made you fall into reality… Go back to innocence, but keep in mind one thing: everyone is guilty. We should act upon our impulses to do good, to be right, to show love, to forgive. That will make a difference everywhere.
Thank you for lending me your eyes.


Help me achieve a goal, ayúdame a lograr una meta

back from hiatus

For the longest time I have not writen in this blog. First, the lack of energy I have lately. Secondly, the fact that there’s nothing that has affected me to the point of wanting to write about it. There is, however, a bunch of negative stuff in the news; tragedies after tragedies, some are man-caused others are nature related. So let me be brief about all the worldy events in the year 2010: you realize how our time on this Earth is so relative, so precious. This is why I want to make the most of today and ignore IF I have a future. This is why I have to write now….And the reason why I have a big tattoo on my arm; because it may look nasty once I’m all wrinkled, but I don’t have a guarantee that I’ll be old enough to be wrinkled or not.

By concentrating on the moment, or being aware, you kind of let go of that tormenting feeling that when you grow older you won’t have a large savings account. You decrease stress on your outlook because you comprehend that, indeed, there isn’t one. There is only the ‘now’.

My focus is dedicating time to my son. If I have any energy left, I’ll want to dedicate it to writing, so in case I’m long gone, I know that thanks to my words my son will have a widespread journal of memories of his mom. Some better than others; But all true.

Go ahead, do good today, do good every minute.


Caracas Can Complain

The topic known as Chavez is widely covered throughout the world and I’m not here to talk about him, because for him and his allies I feel nothing but contempt.
I do, however, want to express that I’m saddened by what I’ve allowed myself to feel towards the city I used to love: apprehension.

Caracas was my paradise when I first moved to the U.S.A in 1994. I used to love visiting family and friends, eating the delicious food offered everywhere, and being greeted with a smile wherever I went. I bragged about my fellow ‘caraqueños’ and their outgoing personalities. And, I still brag about the Avila and the beaches of Venezuela. But, I no longer love going, in fact I’m not interested in visiting anymore. The last time I went was in 2006 and although the food is still delicious, and the smiles seem to have decreased but prevail, I feel fear.

People often criticize me for that, claiming everything is fine and it’s nothing to worry about, suggesting I go and just stay in one place or two; but I don’t like boundaries like that. If I go I want to be free and that is something I don’t feel anymore when I go to Caracas. It’s a shame my son won’t get to grab mangoes from a tree and drink natural fruit juices up in Galipán. At least not anytime soon. I hate that he won’t savor the flavors so familiar to his parents and relatives because his mom is afraid of the city she once felt so comfortable at.

I hate feeling contempt towards an abusive government because it backfires to the point of feeling the same for the city being abused, for the country slowly going back in time, to ruins.

The flag has changed, the emblem did too, so has the constitution, and even the people have shifted their morals and values…So have I. I have been changed.

caracas desde chulavista

el Avila envuelve a Caracas

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There are things I can’t understand.
For example, why is it so expensive ($15K+) to adopt a child? You want to give love, food, education to a young kid who may lack that opportunity, and because the paperwork and fees are so high up, you can’t. So that kid that was supposed to be saved, will not be saved by you, no matter if you really wanted to.

I can’t understand either why a company like American Girl exists. It puts so much pressure on little ones and their parents. Sure, some can afford it, but there is a large amount of people who can’t. I’m sure there are a bunch of girls feeling miserable because they don’t own an American Doll. Poor souls! Talk about consumerism. The American Girls have everything for sale, so it’s more pressure to keep buying stuff for a….DOLL. The American Girl Doll does consumerism the American way…. With excess and useless artifacts and stuff. I want to boycott them as much as the producers of Dora the Explorer (although my son loves her).

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