last call

TV producers  of shows like DORA the Explorer, Diego, Handy Manny, and others, have to be conscious about their jobs. It’s negligent, irresponsible, and simply mediocre to hire NON-LATINOS to perform the voices for characters that are, supposedly, Latin.

Sure, the average American won’t notice the difference. They won’t know if the character Mayor Rosa is speaking Spanish or Portuguese. But the rest of us, Latinos, the largest minority group in the States, can hear the voice over say HERAMIENTAS, without the characteristic rolling of the R’s; it’s HERRAMIENTAS!

It’s such an easy task, find people that speak Spanish as their first language. Even Wilmer Valderrama who plays the voice of MANNY sometimes lacks the correct pronunciation; and he’s Venezuelan! But, he was raised in the USA, so from time to time you can sense his struggle.

Honestly, dear producers, please allow me to help. Please cast the right people and STOP thinking the average child is ignorant. MY son is 18-months old and when he copies, or imitates, what the cartoon characters he so much loves are saying, I expect him to say it right. I don’t want to hear him saying it wrong and it’s what will happen, eventually, if you teach him wrong. Have mercy!


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