True Travolta

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Today John Travolta was on Biography channel.

I met the guy, for 5 minutes I was sitting in front of him having his complete attention. It was during the junket for Battlefield Earth, circa 1999, in Miami. The vibe I got was as great as it gets. He said hello to other reporters, looking at each one with a big smile. Something about him was so genuine, so down-to-earth, so perfect.

I had always liked him, but after then, I loved him and everything about him and his family. I knew my instinct was right. He is a true kind soul.

Recently, he lost his son Jett. I suffered just thinking about how he must have felt. I know that accident killed a part of him and his wife. A big part. I wish I had a phrase that would help him heal a bit; but truth is there isn’t anything anyone can say to ease that pain.

I am grateful for having that opportunity to sit with him briefly, I wish it had been longer, but truth is, I’m blessed for perceiving the true Travolta; his essence was so palpable that it made me respect him even more.

Thank you John, and know for sure that Jett is an angel watching over you. I have no doubt.

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