Black Friday

Today is Black Friday and I so much wish it was a different kind of day. I wish people would put the effort towards something less materialistic. I wish they didn’t spend hours in line to purchase a TV. I wish they would give $20 to charity instead of spending it on something they probably don’t need that bad.

But truth is, consumerism takes ahold of people’s lives, to slowly ruin them, causing blurred reality to strike back. Nobody needs 30 pairs of shoes, bags, rings… This Thanksgiving Holiday should be the one YOU change for the better. Go through your closet and realize the damage consumerism has done. It made you think you would be unhappy without all that stuff. But, don’t you still cry? Don’t you feel sad sometimes? See? The tons of clothes haven’t resolved any of your problems. But you can make the less fortunate a lot happier by giving them things they DO need: shoes, pants, sweaters, food.

Do a little:spend a lot less.
Thanks are given to you for trying to make others a bit less sad.


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