There are things I can’t understand.
For example, why is it so expensive ($15K+) to adopt a child? You want to give love, food, education to a young kid who may lack that opportunity, and because the paperwork and fees are so high up, you can’t. So that kid that was supposed to be saved, will not be saved by you, no matter if you really wanted to.

I can’t understand either why a company like American Girl exists. It puts so much pressure on little ones and their parents. Sure, some can afford it, but there is a large amount of people who can’t. I’m sure there are a bunch of girls feeling miserable because they don’t own an American Doll. Poor souls! Talk about consumerism. The American Girls have everything for sale, so it’s more pressure to keep buying stuff for a….DOLL. The American Girl Doll does consumerism the American way…. With excess and useless artifacts and stuff. I want to boycott them as much as the producers of Dora the Explorer (although my son loves her).

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  1. Manolo Matos
    000 at 000 (8 years ago)

    Adopting a baby is expensive, but having one is about the same amount of money. Having our baby cost us about 8,000 just on the doctor/ hospital co-pays. So if the couples were to adopt a baby it would be the same amount of money.

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