back from hiatus

For the longest time I have not writen in this blog. First, the lack of energy I have lately. Secondly, the fact that there’s nothing that has affected me to the point of wanting to write about it. There is, however, a bunch of negative stuff in the news; tragedies after tragedies, some are man-caused others are nature related. So let me be brief about all the worldy events in the year 2010: you realize how our time on this Earth is so relative, so precious. This is why I want to make the most of today and ignore IF I have a future. This is why I have to write now….And the reason why I have a big tattoo on my arm; because it may look nasty once I’m all wrinkled, but I don’t have a guarantee that I’ll be old enough to be wrinkled or not.

By concentrating on the moment, or being aware, you kind of let go of that tormenting feeling that when you grow older you won’t have a large savings account. You decrease stress on your outlook because you comprehend that, indeed, there isn’t one. There is only the ‘now’.

My focus is dedicating time to my son. If I have any energy left, I’ll want to dedicate it to writing, so in case I’m long gone, I know that thanks to my words my son will have a widespread journal of memories of his mom. Some better than others; But all true.

Go ahead, do good today, do good every minute.


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  1. isa
    000 at 000 (6 years ago)

    I just saw I wrote “writen”, awesome, like if I was not a proofreader/translator…

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