Against Angst

As much as I try not to be overwhelmed by the stuff happening in the world, our neighborhood and surroundings, I can’t help it. I don’t read the news, typically, but sometimes for research purposes I run into it. The news kills me. It’s mostly bad, and that bad hurts.
I cannot bare anymore mothers committing atrocities; and I don’t want to judge them although I hate them.
I can’t stand the war against mother nature, a war that may not be intentional, however it’s present, very palpable now.
I feel bad for celebrities being attacked by paparazzi, maybe because I love the independence and the notion of not being harassed by a lens; I can’t imagine someone spying on me 24/7, so that others can judge my actions. I like Mel Gibson, no matter what comes out of his mouth. We all have moments we regret, the thing is nobody knows.
As for my personal life, I’m okay. A little inundated with so much technology taking ahold of my time; but I can’t complain….I have health.
So, I just needed to vent. I apologize if my venting charged you up and made you fall into reality… Go back to innocence, but keep in mind one thing: everyone is guilty. We should act upon our impulses to do good, to be right, to show love, to forgive. That will make a difference everywhere.
Thank you for lending me your eyes.


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