ban horse carriages

Every time I see them on the streets of Chicago I feel like yelling something or letting the horse loose. It hurts me, so I guess it must hurt them too. Please spread the knowledge and DON’T use them in any city you see them. Do something, say something. Stand up against Cruelty!

ban horse carriages


stone stone

I am not the author of this post, however, it was clear and short and straight to the point so I borrow it to share i with everyone.

Mr. Stone,

I haven’t seen your documentary “South of the Border” but from articles already circulating over the web I can see where this is going.

I want to invite you to my house in Caracas.
I want to invite you to stay here for a month, to live here as one of us Venezuelans,
I invite you to go to the supermarket and try to keep up with a minimal salary and have food in your refrigerator,
I want to invite you for a drink at night in a city where 80 to 120 people die each week in the hands of street violence, robberies and kidnappings.
I want to invite you to talk about the things which worry us about this goverment in one of the 132 radio stations closed by Chavez because their line-up was not in the standards of the “revolution”.
I want you to go and march with us when our goverment approves a law to change the educational system and where the state will decide to teach our kids “the way of the revolution” and then get
tear gas bombs thrown by the police and National Guard, and run with us as you see old people lying on the street suffocating from tear gas!
I want to invite you to a country where you see kids and people begging for food in the streets every day, and know all the money from the recent years of high oil prices is going to support revolutions in other countries.
I invite you to see the city I grew up in, falling apart in pieces!
You seem like a smart person.
It is easy to travel around South America and interview leaders…
Come a stay here with us, open your eyes, see the real side of the story: the story of the people, not the story of the leaders…
Hugo Chavez is a leader, full of ideas that are destroying our beloved country, and feeding HATE into our continent!
I invite you to make a documentary of the “true” reality and then be persecuted by Chavez because your documentary didn’t portray him as he wanted.
You are lucky to live in a country where you can make a film like “W” and won’t get death threats or be put in jail because your point of view was opposite to the one of your President at the time.

Andres Payares


Boycott Stone.

I’m not into politics nor I claim to know much about the situation in my own country, Venezuela. But I do know that just by watching the trailer of Oliver Stone‘s “South of the Border“, I can see where this is going; I can see how he is portraying Chavez as a misunderstood, revolutionary hero of the masses.

Tariq Ali, the other writer of this film (considered a documentary -maybe a mocumentary-) is a Pakistani-born British political activist, an ANTI-WAR SPOKESPERSON. How ironic knowing that Venezuelans have been suffering an internal war for almost 10 years. Mr. Ali you just made the war worst with this film because you only heard one side, because you believe lies… How innocent of you. How naive.

Don’t be fooled, this is CHAVEZ-FUNDED propaganda. According to rumors, it only cost the Venezuelan Government about $40million…nada.

I wonder about the soul of Tara Tremaine, and her company, Good Apple Productions! I wonder how everyone involved in this, yet another scam, sleep at night. I wonder about their conscience. Money, money, money is all that moved you.

I hate getting involved with anything related to escualidos or oposiciĆ³n as much as I hate getting passionate about issues against the Venezuelan government, but Stone went too far.
I acknowledge that he was persuaded by a lot of money and even accept that Chavez is a funny, charismatic un-leader trying to play a power game with the whole population, but you don’t go and pretend to make a documentary about someone who has thrown the country back a few decades; you can’t make us forget the deaths, the pain, the lack of medicines, hospitals, jobs, food….
You can’t erase what has happened. It’s an insult to those who have been fighting endlessly, with their lives; Not me, I’ve been in the USA for over 15 years. But the millions who have suffered the consequences of a fake democracy, disguised as salvation, making the poor poorer.

Oliver, your job is to boycott your own film and say you’re sorry.
We all dare you to spend a month in any Venezuelan slum so you can perceive the harm done and what is yet to come.
I feel sorry for you. I feel sorry for your karma. You sold your soul to the devil. Poor you.

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making happy

Making other people happy is, I think, the best feeling. So obviously I want to be bathed by that sensation all the time. Because of simple pleasure, I crave to see my friends smiling and achieving their goals, I aim to learn about strangers who do well, who beat the odds, who survive the unexpected; and those who make a difference.
I get such a high from their success in whatever it is they experience; a safe pregnancy, a promotion, a home run, a happy divorce, a new pet…
Right now I’m reading a book by Elizabeth Gilbert called: EAT PRAY LOVE and it’s simply delicious, spiritually lovely and so funny. I’m sure she doesn’t need the promotion because she’s a BEST SELLER author, but I think many women should read this book; moreover if you are stuck in a dead-end relationship. DON’T BE AFRAID!
Another thing is, this passionate author talked at and this is when I first learned about her; it captured my attention, heart, soul in such a way that I bought the book. So, the best thing when you feel down, when you think you’re not getting where you want to: achieving your dreams for example… is to watch her talk, here:

So, my dear stranger, my unknown admirer, my web-pal, my antithesis, my friend…. Make me happy by being happy…. ALL you have to do is SHOW UP. Good luck to you. ONE LOVE

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To do

Thankful for a wonderful vacation in Playa del Carmen, Mexico accompanied by cherished friends and the magic of cenotes, I begin this issue by suggesting you visit the Riviera Maya whenever you get the chance.
Also, I read B as in Beauty by Alberto Ferreras and had so much fun! I even shed a tear at some point.
I keep being disgusted by the females voice that is portrayed in various characters on TV..I have to find out her name and ask the producers of several children shows (Dora, Diego, Syd the Science Kid, Sesame Street, Little Bear) to stop using the same lady to do the voice overs!
I saw The Hangover and…What a ride! I laughed so much! Truthfully, it’s a must. I also saw Julie & Julia, it’s a great film if you like the “gourmet” theme… It was fun although a bit slow for my taste.
Hmmm…. What else?
Nothing. Grateful like always. Hoping you find peace in whatever you do. Wishing you happiness.
One Love


do it today!

You know how one day you wake up and a commercial you see on TV, or a person in the street, or a chat with someone, makes you vulnerable? You know how you realize that there is suffering out there and that you are truly blessed because you have….something to live for?

Well, I don’t think it’s enough to feel the pain or to acknowledge what goes on in other countries, other families, other lives. I believe that if you are in this world today, is to make a difference in somebody’s life. You have the power to make someone smile today.
So, now that you know, don’t wait until the time is right. Don’t postpone giving someone a gift, lending a hand, donating time or money; because tomorrow might me too late.

To choose the person or persons you want to help today, you just have to look around. There may be a neighbor in need of someone who can listen. There might be an animal that needs a home, a friend that is too embarrassed to ask for a loan, a relative that feels lonely, an organization that is missing donations to help a community… There is so much you can do! Find out how amazing life can be when you give a couple of hours a week to feed the homeless, or tutor a child, or mentor a class.

That way, if your time is up, at least you can say that you helped someone. The benefits are endless, the satisfaction is overwhelming and of course, the results are always positive. DO it today, because you don’t know where you’ll be tomorrow.

Today Virgen del Carmen, I thank you for the blessings. Allow me to give as much as I can, as often as I want.

For loans that matter:


tit & truth time

You know the fad about nursing? You know how many advocates for breast-feeding there are? You’d be amazed. Well, I’m not one of them. I respect each women’s decision as to whether or not to nurse, and I guess I have to respect moms who nurse babies with teeth, walking, talking… going on 3 years old.

I had no big problem breast-feeding, no pain; but milk was not affluent because I also gave him formula to fill him up, so before he turned three months old, I was tired of being in PJ’s all day, feeding a hungry boy who needed me every 2 hours… and decided to stop cold turkey. I hated the pump too.

I just wanna say, I didn’t see any negative reaction, or any stress on his part. He actually preferred sucking the bib nipples because milk(formula) would really flow out. So, he wasn’t unhappy, neither was I.

I don’t think that breast-feeding advocates should put so much pressure on women. It’s important if you can and feel like it, but in order for the baby to be happy and healthy, the mom needs to be happy and healthy as well. I know plenty of children who were not fed any breast milk and they are very healthy. Nursing is not for every women, and I know a bunch who feel they are terrible moms because they didn’t breast-feed enough or at all. Ladies, get over that crap. That doesn’t make you a bad mother. You do as you please, just like breast-bearing women do.

I also didn’t like being pregnant that much, and would die before giving birth naturally, but that’s just me. I was not born to endure physical pain. Also, I think having a child is a sacrifice on your usual schedule, a priceless, joyful new journey, but definitely not an easy one. So, you might as well try to make the best of it when you can. When you are in the process of labor, doctors can help – and if anaesthesia was THAT bad for the newborn, you know how prohibited it would be. It’s your call, I just don’t want you to let yourself feel guilty with your own perspective out of reading biased literature.

Whatever you do, do it with love.


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