The fact that I don’t have 30 pairs of shoes makes me different from many other women I know.
I have about 18 pairs of shoes; 5 belts; 6 bags (1 used to belong to my grandma and I took it, along with a swiss army watch, when she passed, only to have something that she used. Besides her watch I have two more, none worth more than $100. See, I don’t understand why people buy really expensive stuff…to tell time.

I also don’t understand people who won’t take advantage of a great bargain; take advantage of 48 hour sales by visiting these (invitation only) sites. I am not getting any profit but I get credited ($10-$25) the first time you make a purchase:



… So, my point is, if you’re a consumer, realize that you can find name brands for less in a lot of places; don’t pay full price if you can avoid it. And, you don’t need 38 pairs of shoes…. Just like you don’t need 8 watches, 20 bags or even, 3 cars.
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

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it’s no secret

When I was graduating from high school in Caracas, I wrote my thesis (paper) about my great-great aunt Conny Méndez.
the reason I chose her as the subject is simply because she proclaimed that “faith can move mountains”. That, among many other significant, positive, uplifting revelations that I discovered through her words/work; including her memoir “Memorias de Una Loca“.
Conny, who died even before the 80’s, was proclaiming what the book and movie: THE SECRET claims. She said things like: piensa lo bueno y se te dará (think good thoughts and they’ll happen).
If you haven’t read anything by this talented, spontaneous, ahead-of-her time woman, please do so.
Recently, I remembered her and smiled. I was going to walk the dog one night. I could have killed for a piece of something sweet, and of course I forgot my wallet at home. A few minutes later, when I walked by the doorman -to whom I never revealed my craving- he handed me a bag filled with wafer cookies. I couldn’t believe it…Well, after reading so much Conny you learn to accept that EVERYTHING is possible… when you believe.
Next time you have a few minutes, read a few lines by Conny Méndez; I’m sure you’ll find her not only funny, but interesting and colloquial. You may find answers, truths, revelations…just like I did. You may be find yourself saying, “I knew this already”. If so, good for you.

Until next time, be well, be good, be true, be you.

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TV and the toddler

Franklin (TV series)
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If you are anything like me, before you gave birth you swore: “no tv for my baby”. And then, the Baby Einstein Collection appeared out of nowhere to soothe a lot of moments intensified by tears.
Yes, it worked for me. 30 minutes a day before bedtime calmed the little one down. Now at 14-months old, he still likes Baby Einstein from time to time, but he is addicted to Dora The Explorer and her cousin Diego -although I hate for him to watch it.

My concern with Dora and Diego is that their pronunciation of words in Spanish is not the best one. Also, they are loud and repetitive; but most of all, the voice over (dubbing) is terrible because they all seem to have the same person impersonating… You get it? I never know when is the map or the backpack talking, or Boots… the two shows have the same people doing the dubbing and I believe that HAS to be confusing for children.

The same thing happens when I watch other shows with him. I find Syd The Science Kid is great, although not for his age, but again the dubbing is not realistic. In my opinion, Franklin has the best voice over talent, they sound like…well, real kids. Plus the stories are interesting and fun.

Blues Clues seems to be educating as well, and Jack’s Big Music Show used to be his favorite at 9-months old. Sesame Street is a classic, nothing wrong with that. And he shows a huge smile with Ni Hao Kailan every time. I am a fan of Olivia the pig myself but he’s not too much into it yet, even when her brother is called Ian like him.

Well, maybe my son is not like every other baby, but maybe this will help mommies who gave in into having their kids watch TV. I promise that he never watches more than 1 hour a day, and there are days when he doesn’t even want the TV. But, he has started developing a love for trains ‘tren’, and cars ‘cacos’… So Thomas the Train is perfect for the routine after his bath…he stays still for once. And he can watch F1 with his dad too.

I’ll keep you posted with TV news for babies, but listen to the dubbing (voice overs) and tell me I’m not right. Hopefully, my sister will get a job doing just that and then kids will be able to differentiate characters by listening to their voices only. I know I can’t.

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table manners

Without pointing fingers I must say that Americans have the worst table manners I’ve ever seen. I was flipping through channels when I saw a celebrity eating at a restaurant and although she is beautiful and well dressed, she cut her pancakes in a way that made me feel sorry for her.

I’m here to help Hollywood celebrities. You guys are always under constant surveillance, the least you can do is learn etiquette; how you eat is really important because it determines your social status.

Please let me help you. I’ll do it for free just so I don’t encounter anymore horrible table manners. I can’t do anything about the people I come across everyday in restaurants but to watch it on TV, that’s too much.


1999 I think.

Un día me llamaste y dijiste
“me muero por verte”,
y hasta ahí supe de ti.

Una tarde caminando
me acordé de tí y
resucitaste para dolerme.

Una mañana me escribiste melodías en palabras
y me imaginé cuentos de hadas.

Una madrugada desperté temblando
por un viento de melancolía.

Una noche me llamaste y dijiste,
“me muero por verte”,
y hasta ahí supe de tí;
hoy detesto ese día.



If you didn’t love me, I would know.
I wouldn’t feel clouds lifting me,
or butterflies in my stomach.

If you didn’t love me, I would know.
I wouldn’t nervously touch my face;
I wouldn’t want you to fly with me.

I wouldn’t love you either.
If you didn’t love me.

isa traverso


mommy talk + shopping

Praising TOMS shoes seems like an ideal way to begin. If you’re a shoe addict, you buy a pair and automatically a child in need receives a pair. This is a win-win; if you like alpargatas of course. They have for men, women and babies….

As every mom I know, you want the best for your offspring. In my case, my son has eczema so I HAVE to buy materials that are okay for his sensitive skin…That means spend MORE because organic costs more, most of the time.

Recently, I discovered a few -soft- brands that I will buy from again: Hub Cap (made in hollywood) offers very soft clothes. Zutano has the best booties for babies, they won’t come off easily and come in funky designs. Other brands I like are Childish, Fig and Soy Baby. I also bought a super-soft, lovely t-shirt that reads “B is for Barack” from Farmer Kids. You can always wait for Pottery Barn Kids sales, they have a brand, “threadless”, which offers organic clothes that are durable and beautiful.

There is a company called Sckoon. My aunt Beatrice sent me clothes from them and I loved it. I loved it so much, I went online and bought garments for my son. But, I have to say it’s not cheap and most of all beware of the sizing. I refuse to buy from them again, although the designs and comfortable items they sell are gorgeous, because the sizes differ so much! You’d think they have a pattern for the sizes, but it seems somebody at ‘quality control’ is falling asleep on the job.

For example, I have a onesie from them that is size 1, another is size 2 but it’s smaller than the size 1. Same thing with the super comfortable, striped pants. I have 4 pairs and they are all the same size but if you look at them, you’ll see a difference. One is very small although it says size 1-2. I don’t understand.

Anyhow, I just wanted to recommend a few brands for mommies too busy to look for decent clothes. Good Luck and keep the energy level going…
Until next time.
If you have any comments and suggestions for quality clothes for little ones, feel free to tell me.


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