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Change lives, easily

I say easily because it is super easy. Just LEND $25 and someone can start their business. You choose where that money goes. Then, when they pay you back, you take your $25 or, even better, re-loan! Isn’t it time you made a difference? Join Kiva, today. GRACIAS!!!!

Kiva - loans that change lives



take me back to the stars

I have a book. A coffeetable book that needs to be launched, since a while ago. It hasn’t happened because it wasn’t 2011. Now it is. Now is the time.

I need your help in finding the right charity/foundation to benefit from the publishing of this book, which is a work of art, a creative print material that derives from love, a dream in the making.

I need the funds to make this happen, and a foundation/charity/organization to obtain the full profit of the sales of the book. No strings attached. I just have a necessity to see this a reality and I cannot afford to print the book.

It’s a one-of-a-kind, multicultural, spanish-english, soulful project.
It needs to happen.


Help me achieve this. Email me or call me at 305.582.5409

For faith, for hope, just because it's good to spread love.


Refilling is Recycling

Next time you have a moment to think about others, or about anything other than yourself, remember that too many people in the world lack clean water….DRINKING WATER. Consider using containers and refilling them with our precious natural resource rather than buying a plastic container. Take it along, carry it with you, drink it…. Refilling is Recycling. Recycling is good.

at Mile High Music Fest in Colorado

A great alternative to buying water is refilling containers.


Black Friday

Today is Black Friday and I so much wish it was a different kind of day. I wish people would put the effort towards something less materialistic. I wish they didn’t spend hours in line to purchase a TV. I wish they would give $20 to charity instead of spending it on something they probably don’t need that bad.

But truth is, consumerism takes ahold of people’s lives, to slowly ruin them, causing blurred reality to strike back. Nobody needs 30 pairs of shoes, bags, rings… This Thanksgiving Holiday should be the one YOU change for the better. Go through your closet and realize the damage consumerism has done. It made you think you would be unhappy without all that stuff. But, don’t you still cry? Don’t you feel sad sometimes? See? The tons of clothes haven’t resolved any of your problems. But you can make the less fortunate a lot happier by giving them things they DO need: shoes, pants, sweaters, food.

Do a little:spend a lot less.
Thanks are given to you for trying to make others a bit less sad.


making happy

Making other people happy is, I think, the best feeling. So obviously I want to be bathed by that sensation all the time. Because of simple pleasure, I crave to see my friends smiling and achieving their goals, I aim to learn about strangers who do well, who beat the odds, who survive the unexpected; and those who make a difference.
I get such a high from their success in whatever it is they experience; a safe pregnancy, a promotion, a home run, a happy divorce, a new pet…
Right now I’m reading a book by Elizabeth Gilbert called: EAT PRAY LOVE and it’s simply delicious, spiritually lovely and so funny. I’m sure she doesn’t need the promotion because she’s a BEST SELLER author, but I think many women should read this book; moreover if you are stuck in a dead-end relationship. DON’T BE AFRAID!
Another thing is, this passionate author talked at and this is when I first learned about her; it captured my attention, heart, soul in such a way that I bought the book. So, the best thing when you feel down, when you think you’re not getting where you want to: achieving your dreams for example… is to watch her talk, here:

So, my dear stranger, my unknown admirer, my web-pal, my antithesis, my friend…. Make me happy by being happy…. ALL you have to do is SHOW UP. Good luck to you. ONE LOVE

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do it today!

You know how one day you wake up and a commercial you see on TV, or a person in the street, or a chat with someone, makes you vulnerable? You know how you realize that there is suffering out there and that you are truly blessed because you have….something to live for?

Well, I don’t think it’s enough to feel the pain or to acknowledge what goes on in other countries, other families, other lives. I believe that if you are in this world today, is to make a difference in somebody’s life. You have the power to make someone smile today.
So, now that you know, don’t wait until the time is right. Don’t postpone giving someone a gift, lending a hand, donating time or money; because tomorrow might me too late.

To choose the person or persons you want to help today, you just have to look around. There may be a neighbor in need of someone who can listen. There might be an animal that needs a home, a friend that is too embarrassed to ask for a loan, a relative that feels lonely, an organization that is missing donations to help a community… There is so much you can do! Find out how amazing life can be when you give a couple of hours a week to feed the homeless, or tutor a child, or mentor a class.

That way, if your time is up, at least you can say that you helped someone. The benefits are endless, the satisfaction is overwhelming and of course, the results are always positive. DO it today, because you don’t know where you’ll be tomorrow.

Today Virgen del Carmen, I thank you for the blessings. Allow me to give as much as I can, as often as I want.

For loans that matter:


Mission Possible, Etc.

I close one chapter of my life. Thanks to so many people I got my wish to give a present to my best friend. They made it possible. For that, I’m forever thankful. $3,450 raised in one month…. unbelievable.

Now, I wish I could keep giving surprises because it really feels good. But, I have to work on my plans and while I do that, I need to find my calling. See, the problem with me is that I like too many things and instead of not knowing what to do with my time, I know there’s a list of things I’d love to do. And a bunch I’m already doing.

I’m not interested in directing a film, but I want to write many scripts.
I’m not interested in owning the Hilton Hotels, but I do want my own bed & breakfast.
I’m into quality, not quantity.
Being rich and famous is not in my plans, but having my own non-profit is.
Having dinner in Vienna is a wish of mine, but so is spending time in African villages.
I don’t mind living in the mountains as long as I can breathe the aroma of the sea three times a year -at least.

So, what I’m doing right now is trying to accomplish one of my dreams: to promote Latin artists who work beautifully with their brains and hands; designers responsible for creating quality-filled and not mass-produced items and pieces.
My new venture is called HAND11 and accompanying me on this productive journey is Gaby Burger-Bello.
We are recruiting talent; it looks very promising.

Investors inquire within for more details.
Now you know what I’m capable of; if my heart and head are in the right place, nothing can go wrong.



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