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take me back to the stars

I have a book. A coffeetable book that needs to be launched, since a while ago. It hasn’t happened because it wasn’t 2011. Now it is. Now is the time.

I need your help in finding the right charity/foundation to benefit from the publishing of this book, which is a work of art, a creative print material that derives from love, a dream in the making.

I need the funds to make this happen, and a foundation/charity/organization to obtain the full profit of the sales of the book. No strings attached. I just have a necessity to see this a reality and I cannot afford to print the book.

It’s a one-of-a-kind, multicultural, spanish-english, soulful project.
It needs to happen.


Help me achieve this. Email me or call me at 305.582.5409

For faith, for hope, just because it's good to spread love.


it’s no secret

When I was graduating from high school in Caracas, I wrote my thesis (paper) about my great-great aunt Conny Méndez.
the reason I chose her as the subject is simply because she proclaimed that “faith can move mountains”. That, among many other significant, positive, uplifting revelations that I discovered through her words/work; including her memoir “Memorias de Una Loca“.
Conny, who died even before the 80’s, was proclaiming what the book and movie: THE SECRET claims. She said things like: piensa lo bueno y se te dará (think good thoughts and they’ll happen).
If you haven’t read anything by this talented, spontaneous, ahead-of-her time woman, please do so.
Recently, I remembered her and smiled. I was going to walk the dog one night. I could have killed for a piece of something sweet, and of course I forgot my wallet at home. A few minutes later, when I walked by the doorman -to whom I never revealed my craving- he handed me a bag filled with wafer cookies. I couldn’t believe it…Well, after reading so much Conny you learn to accept that EVERYTHING is possible… when you believe.
Next time you have a few minutes, read a few lines by Conny Méndez; I’m sure you’ll find her not only funny, but interesting and colloquial. You may find answers, truths, revelations…just like I did. You may be find yourself saying, “I knew this already”. If so, good for you.

Until next time, be well, be good, be true, be you.

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one more day…

today my son turns 11 months, one more wonderful day I enjoy his blessed presence; and for that I have to thank the power above, and all my departed relatives in heaven…because I believe in heaven, as much as I believe in miracles.
My son is my miracle, and I never had a doubt that he would come. It was not at my time, it was at his own time, but he came.

For those women out there who have lost hope… that’s the last thing you should lose. Tragedies happen, every second of every day, don’t feel sorry for yourself. You will overcome. Time will slowly heal wounds, but it will.
One Love