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Change lives, easily

I say easily because it is super easy. Just LEND $25 and someone can start their business. You choose where that money goes. Then, when they pay you back, you take your $25 or, even better, re-loan! Isn’t it time you made a difference? Join Kiva, today. GRACIAS!!!!

Kiva - loans that change lives



today… because tomorrow may never come.

I don’t mean to be negative, but let’s be realistic: tomorrow may never come.

You think, or better yet, we think that we can postpone stuff, or save for the future but we are not certain that it’ll happen; we want to wish that it does, but the universe may have other plans for us. So, keeping that in mind, what will money in the bank mean if you are gone before that awaited futuristic moment arrives? Nothing. It may help a few in your family, but wouldn’t it be better if you could enjoy it with them or even better, if you could help someone start their business, build their dream? Well, there is which allows you to make a difference in someone’s life, by LENDING them money, any amount, so they can have a life they dreamed. There is also a bunch of needy people around you, but some of them need LOVE, not money, so show them a smile, lend them a hand, say a nice word to them, and alas make a difference in their day or week or month.

If tomorrow comes, and you have only worried about your circle of friends and family, only worried about yourself.. it’ll be just another ordinary day in your life; but if tomorrow comes and you have been a great Samaritan, your life has more meaning, you’ll wake up savoring the delicious taste of giving.

So make today the best choice in your life, so that tomorrow may surprise you in a positive way. The moment is now, the time is now, the power is now.

One Love

One life to be shared… that’s all there is to it.