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La Casa del Ritmo

I worked with these guys for almost a year. I now consider them my friends. Their musical talent, charisma and good vibes have to be known across the globe, and this is how:

Let’s make it happen, time is of essence. Donate and share the love. You will love the sounds of the Venezuelan gozadera.


take me back to the stars

I have a book. A coffeetable book that needs to be launched, since a while ago. It hasn’t happened because it wasn’t 2011. Now it is. Now is the time.

I need your help in finding the right charity/foundation to benefit from the publishing of this book, which is a work of art, a creative print material that derives from love, a dream in the making.

I need the funds to make this happen, and a foundation/charity/organization to obtain the full profit of the sales of the book. No strings attached. I just have a necessity to see this a reality and I cannot afford to print the book.

It’s a one-of-a-kind, multicultural, spanish-english, soulful project.
It needs to happen.


Help me achieve this. Email me or call me at 305.582.5409

For faith, for hope, just because it's good to spread love.


Mission Possible, Etc.

I close one chapter of my life. Thanks to so many people I got my wish to give a present to my best friend. They made it possible. For that, I’m forever thankful. $3,450 raised in one month…. unbelievable.

Now, I wish I could keep giving surprises because it really feels good. But, I have to work on my plans and while I do that, I need to find my calling. See, the problem with me is that I like too many things and instead of not knowing what to do with my time, I know there’s a list of things I’d love to do. And a bunch I’m already doing.

I’m not interested in directing a film, but I want to write many scripts.
I’m not interested in owning the Hilton Hotels, but I do want my own bed & breakfast.
I’m into quality, not quantity.
Being rich and famous is not in my plans, but having my own non-profit is.
Having dinner in Vienna is a wish of mine, but so is spending time in African villages.
I don’t mind living in the mountains as long as I can breathe the aroma of the sea three times a year -at least.

So, what I’m doing right now is trying to accomplish one of my dreams: to promote Latin artists who work beautifully with their brains and hands; designers responsible for creating quality-filled and not mass-produced items and pieces.
My new venture is called HAND11 and accompanying me on this productive journey is Gaby Burger-Bello.
We are recruiting talent; it looks very promising.

Investors inquire within for more details.
Now you know what I’m capable of; if my heart and head are in the right place, nothing can go wrong.